Dutch Boy Waffle Co.

Produced and distributed from the beautiful city of Bath where founder Bob Kersten and a small team are dedicated to offering freshly handmade stroopwaffles in a wide range of exciting flavours.

The concept of Dutch Boy was born in tropical Bali where Bob first enjoyed success selling his unique waffle recipes to specialty coffee shops before moving to Bath.

So what's a stroopwafel?

The humble stroopwafel came to be in the early 1800's in the city of Gouda. Originally made with leftover bread crumbs by the working class bakers of Holland, they soon became a firm favourite of the nation. 
The people's waffle.

Two thin, circular waffles are pressed flat on a pizzelle iron, which gives them their distinct checked pattern. The baked waffles are sandwiched together with a sticky sweet caramel and the edges finely trimmed. 

The result is a mouthwatering biscuity, cookie-y, waffley disc of joy with a slightly crisp outer and a deliciously gooey rich and chewy centre.

We are passionate about using only the finest, freshest ingredients for Dutch Boy waffles. They may have had their beginnings as bakery leftovers but only the best will do today. 

All the produce we use is sourced responsibly and locally where possible and waffles are handmade fresh to order.



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