New Ground Coffee Gutiti
New Ground Coffee Gutiti

New Ground Coffee Gutiti

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Over a number of years the Kochere region has developed an amazing reputation for fine coffees, producing some of the most sought-after microlots in world. The combination of high altitude (up to 2,200m in some areas), fertile soil, consistent & plentiful rains, and an abundance of local knowledge are all contributing factors to the high status of Yirgacheffe coffees. The indigenous ‘heirloom’ varietals - which grow wild in Ethiopia - are responsible for the unique flavour notes which make for an unusual but refined cup.


The natural processing of this coffee, through sun-drying, presents a huge hit of sweet, jam-like fruit together with complex floral notes. This coffee is not one to be missed and will once tasted, will not be forgotten. An absolute knockout.

  • Coffee Info

    Country:                       Ethiopia

    Region:                        Yirgacheffe

    Varietal:                        Heirloom

    Process:                       Natural

    Tasting Notes:              Pomegranate, Morello Cherry, Turkish Delight



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